Saturday, 16 February 2013

Good Lord! Two Posts!?!?

Yep I'm back and how quickly we fail to keep promises, yep this is gonna be a piss and moan (FEEL THE JOY!) I've been knuckling under with work though I could have done more, the group project is back on its feet after being hit in the soft bits with a scholarly crack. I have been working on a little personal project as well and I'm feeling a smidgen of pride and a portion of joy but enough of that lets get to the elephant in the room, I've been having trouble with the higher ups thanks to a sheer disregard of professional practice, after a few cruel attacks to my colleagues I'm hearing the drums of war ring again though sadly I put that part of my life behind me after all the backlash, but still I've been losing sleep from it, and a person has to do what they think is right so sadly I see my peaceful period might be coming to an annoyingly short end. well here is the personal project in question its my favorite character in 3D!, since I have a show-reel to get done in a week I think it might have to become a part of it.
I need to get on with rigging and actually animating it, <sarcasm> looking forward to trying mouth movements with bones </sarcasm>.

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